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How do I know I'm getting the right designer for my home? 

At Laura Chez Moi we redefine interior decorating. Our approach brings affordability, functionality, and luxury together. From the beginning of your project to the end we will work with you to ensure we represent your design style and needs in every aspect of your project.

Which design package is right for me?

All Chez Moi design packages will give you custom designs for your exact room, based on your needs. Each package is personalized based on designer experience and the level of customization. Our packages range from Chez Moi Virtuelle, where you are provided clickable links and a mood board to bring life to your ideas, to Our Chez Moi Petit and Azure package which takes a more intimate approach to design your space. No matter what package you choose, rest assure Laura Chez Moi is a brand you can stand behind.

Can I design multiple rooms at once?

Yes! You can design your entire home with our Chez Moi Azure package. This is great if you have multiple rooms in need of some design love and want a cohesive look across all your projects.

I’m not ready to start designing, can I still buy a design package?

Our Chez Moi Virtuelle design packages never expire, so you can purchase at any time and start your project whenever you’re ready. Our Chez Moi Virtuelle was designed with functionality in mind. This is your best option if you're not sure when you will be ready. This package provides clickable links which never expire and if you can’t find your item we will gladly provide an alternate. Just fill out the form under contact us and one of our designers will reach out to you. 

Can I design a room under construction?

Yes! Our Chez Moi Azure package is the perfect solution for designing new construction homes or rooms undergoing partial renovations. With this design package, you can see your planned updates come to life (including new flooring, finishes, adding/removing cabinets or walls, etc.) For an additional cost, we can also coordinate contract work for you. 

What if my Style Quiz results don’t match my style?

We want to help you find the perfect design solution for your space, so you don't need to worry if your Style Quiz results aren't the perfect match for your personal style. You'll have the option of telling us what we got right (or wrong) when you've finished the quiz, and your Chez Moi designer will be sure to include that feedback when designing your space. If you don't feel that the results accurately reflect your tastes, let us know by re-taking the Style Quiz or by reaching out to us. 

Do I have to take the Style Quiz?

Yes! It's a required part of our process to get your project up and running. Plus, it's fun and gives us invaluable insight into your unique style. We do our best work when we know what you like and dislike.

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